Coach Paul

"At Paq Fitness our vision is to improve the overall quality of life for our members. We strive to equip everyone with the ability to keep up with their kids or grandkids. Paq members are able to advance in their careers with their new confidence and energy levels. We accomplish this by providing convenient Personal Training Sessions and Complimentary Nutrition Coaching. We are part of the Paq, we are Real People Achieving Real Results."


Hello my name is Paul Bartlett and I am the Founder of Paq Fitness.

May I tell you the story of how Paq Fitness was founded?

One late night in February I started heading to the bathroom to brush my teeth then go to bed. I had been studying all day and I was ready to get into my cool bed in the basement. About one minute into brushing my teeth I hear a loud thud.  It was a concern since we lived out in the country and I thought we may have had an intruder. This made me the freeze for about 15 seconds. Next my heart rate spiked as all the possibilities ran through my head.  I then hear three distinct foot slams on the floor above. I sprint up the stairs, with my toothbrush still in my mouth, and just around the corner I see every young man's nightmare...


I see my crying mother, paralyzed in fear, next to my ghostly looking father who was just staring into space. He was on the floor with his back against the wall.  I quickly turned into the bathroom to toss my toothbrush down, then with my Dad staring at me with glazed eyes I scream as loud as I ever had. “No! I need you, this can’t be happening!”


Within two seconds I composed myself and I then jabbed my right pointer finger and middle finger into his jugular to feel for a pulse…


 I was so relieved when I did feel my 46 year old Dad’s pulse. He was still in the “zombie-like-state”, that’s all I could come up to describe to 911. Another long 15 seconds pass and he “finally” came to while on the phone with the dispatchers. He had no recollection of the past few moments (maybe a total of two minutes). He just remembered falling somewhat slowly with his back braced against the wall.  It is such a blessing to say that my Dad is now down 30+ pounds and in great shape.


This dramatic event was a major turning point in my young life, it set me on my path to starting Energy Fitness Camp at a Roller Rink and now Paq Fitness in Rockford. As a young Personal Training I learned so much that I could apply to my clients and father. The formal training was a great start and I am continuously learning, as we all should be. I will never take satisfaction with the knowledge I have. My members, and you, count on me to stay in the know of what works for fat loss, health, fitness and general well-being.

More About Coach Paul


I graduated from Rockford High School, then the incident with my dad happened and I looked into pursuing a career in fitness. While in College I spent time studying and preparing for my Personal Training Class. Once I got certified I started in a group setting right away at Tarry Hall Roller Rink in the mornings. This provided me with experience with little equipment and forced me to think outside of the box. Everyone was having fun and losing weight. I decided to open my own gym since getting everything out and putting it away every morning was getting old and the 40 minute drive was no fun. I miss everyone there but I am glad to be able to help more people in Rockford!

Things Paul enjoys

Strength Training
Ninja Warrior Courses and Training
Family time
Getting people in shape
Going to Grand Haven

Favorite Shows

The Profit
The Arrow
The Flash
White Collar
Fixer Upper
The Office
Prison Break

Wow I'm a showaholic 

Coach Paul & his nephew Marty!